You probably have already figured out I like photography and music...here's some other fun facts:

  • I love moving sideways.  Fast.  If I could spend the entire winter snowboarding, I would.  The rest of the year is for surfing,  kiteboarding, or what ever else gets me in the water.
  • I love cooking and have a bit of a talent for smoking meats.
  • After spending 8 years on and off between Tidewater Community College and Old Dominion University, I came out with a 4 year mechanical engineering degree.  I currently work full time for the U.S. Navy
  • I love supporting the craft beer industry and am always happy to help out Virginia Craft Beer Magazine at local beer festivals.
  • My first concert was Tool at the now defunct Boathouse in Norfolk, VA in 1994 or 95.  Then and there is where my obsession with concerts started.
  • Sushi is almost always my first pick for a meal outside the house.
  • I was at the first 7 Bonnaroos.  I'm pretty content sticking to the smaller ones these days.